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ABOUT The Band

“Rock Revelation is oozing with talent. They rocked The Downunder Club so hard that we have no windows left.”

-Jessica Ward, Event Coordinator for the Downunder Club

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"If you close your eyes you would swear that it was 1985 again. It's Eastern Maine's premiere 80's tribute band, Rock Revelation, a first class ensemble of musicians who breathe new life into the greatest music of your life, and, more importantly, bring the party wherever they go!!“


-Dave Isaac, WKIT FM 

“Gagnon performs with a big lineup of musicians, including drummer Tom Libby, guitarist Lance Astbury, and vocalist Heather Libby.  During their shows, Rock Revelation pulls out all the stops, and have a lot of fun doing it.”


-Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News

"Rock Revelation will take you back to the pure fun of the eighties... smokin' instrumentals... incredible vocals... and all those great songs!" 


- Cindy Campbell, WQCB FM 

Rock Revelation is a 6-piece collaboration of some of the most experienced and talented musicians in Maine with thousands of performances of collective experience.

Chris "The Prince of Awesomeness" Gagnon, certified audio engineer and former 13 year vocalist and guitarist for punk/alternative act Dugen, fronts Rock Revelation and helps bring high-energy & a gritty edge, as well as some polished audio production value.


Heather "Samsonite" Libby adds a halo of class and helps bring the band to a much bigger, arena worthy level, with angelic vocals and a little Motown sass. Heather has extensive directing and performing experience with regional theatre and musicals.

Tom "Tommy Love" Libby (drums) and Lance "Sir Lance-a-lot" Astbury (lead guitar), formerly of 80’s rock band Lockdown, bring 15 years each of gigging experience. Tom being classically trained as well as having theatre experience is the perfect juxtaposition to Lance who brings the raw talent and passion of a prodigy.


Phil Burns tickles the ivories and assaults with synth, adding complexity and nuance to the mix.  Phil frequently serves as a Music Director for Penobscot Theater Company, and he and wife, Tina, run a studio teaching music to the next generation of rockstars in the Bangor area.

Mike "The Rock Doc" Ross completes the rhythm section with sub 40Hz thunder. Mike is a classically trained cellist who sold his soul for rock bass and has been playing in area bands and theatre productions for the last two decades... when he's not ensuring the health and well-being of the next generation of rockstars.

Rock Revelation

"I've been impressed with this group's musicianship, versatility, and their attention to detail. You know there is talent involved when a group has melted so many faces and yet remains so popular."


-Dan Cashman, host of The Nite Show

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